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For the past 15 years we've done seasonal work packaging Christmas ornaments.


So you have a big job that must be done by hand. You probably have a staff that can be pressed into service to do the work.  Will they be happy about it? Are they good at it?  Do they have nothing better to do? Are you paying them less than our current shop rate?


If the answer to any of these questions is no, call us.


We have been providing packing and shrink wrapping/palletizing services, whether you need we make sure to ask the right questions beforehand in order to provide our guaranteed job.

Our professional staff will apply the proper packing method necessary to transport any and all belongings safely to meet your needs.


Our Palletizing and shrink wrapping services will provide protection and keep items together as one load. We recognize that shipping items one at a time and mixing your items greatly increases the risk of loss or damages.


Precision Part Systems, Inc.’s professional staff always provides quality customization and care in shipping. If you can think it, we can ship it!

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