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Any process that needs a hand or two or ten... We are here!


Assembly and inspection of precision parts is our lifeblood. But there's more, if it involves hand work, we're good at it.

We've handled fulfillment for a number of large companies, including assembly, packing, and mailing of premiums.


Some people dream of success.  We make it happen!



  • Emergency service available with after hours contacts.

  • We send personnel to customer facilities.

  • Pick up and delivery available.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which guarantees we have consistent process that assure consistent results.  Our dedicated employees are committed to making

sure our customers will always receive the very best service.

ISO - Performing on a Global Stage : The global economy works because there are rules, processes and standards by which everyone agrees to play.


Goods are acceptable to the world market because every step of their manufacture conforms to world standards.  Because we are a valued resource to companies that ship their products around the world, we have worked for - and received - ISO certification.


Our facility, our processes, our procedures have passed the international test.  And when it's time for re-testing, we are committed to doing what we need to do in order to stay on top of the world's standards.



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