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The Art of Inspection: Our customers began to notice that our commitment to quality is extremely effective. Before long, they began asking us to inspect their work.


And so we offer quality control inspection as a discrete service.  We'll check your work using the same rigorous procedures with which we check our own.

Quality and Flexibility

Do Those Go Together?  You're right to be skeptical.  It's no easy thing.  But over the past two decades of working hard at it, we've assembled an incredibly valuable roster of very talented workers.


They arrive for work when we call on them.  They are conscientious and attentive.  When a need arises, they give us their best until the need is fulfilled.


They are the secret of our success.  When you work with us, they become part of the secret of yours

The First Principle: Zero Defects

Our whole operation is set up around the certain knowledge that if we don't do it right, nothing else matters. 


So we hire people who take pride in a job well done.  We give them a clean, open, friendly environment to do their work. And because nobody's perfect, we check and re-check everything they do before we send it out. 


Zero parts per million.  That's our target defect rate. It's our mantra. And it's our achievement, day after day.

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